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How To Recover When Your Vacation Wasn’t Relaxing

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Being on the road requires us to eat out for almost every meal, and sometimes the menu is especially tempting. We tend to get to bed late and wake up early, constantly increasing the sleep deficit. We spend hours – sometimes as much as 16 hours straight – on an airplane, where the air is dry and riddled with germs.

While both activities led to better concentration in the afternoon, people reported greater enjoyment from taking a walk. But they tended to report less strain and fatigue in the afternoon if they had done a relaxation exercise. The always-working, no-time-off paradigm is a problem, because working longer hours, or never feeling like you’re actually away from work, can be detrimental to your mental and physical health. When it comes to travel anxiety, you are not alone – almost everyone feels nervous when they board a plane or visit a strange place. Instead of focusing on your fears, think about how far you’ve come. The travel plans you’re making probably wouldn’t have been possible before you found the courage and perseverance to embrace a substance-free life. If you’re traveling with friends or family members, small disagreements are almost guaranteed.

Ways To Detox And Recover After Your Vacation

Also, make sure you go away with people who are supportive of your recovery and with whom you can discuss how you feel if the need arises. Recovery Centers of America hosts a full continuum of care to help our patients build the confidence needed to transition back into everyday life. When you are with a community that is passionate about wellness, fitness or mindfulness you do not have to explain why you’re not ordering a Mai Tai at lunch.

Vacation and Recovery

When planning your holiday vacation while in recovery can be stressful, remember that you have options and resources available to help you manage and cope with various events and situations. While you are away, remember to relax and enjoy your time, but be sure to have plans in place to prevent boredom from striking to avoid any potential temptation that may risk your sobriety.

Upcoming Events

It’s tempting to return to your normal, busy routine the second you return home, but resist the urge. Planning a full schedule for the week you return will likely lead to stress, exhaustion and burn out. Instead of filling up your schedule, judiciously choose activities and build in plenty of downtime. You spent a lot of time plotting your time away, but have you made a plan to come back? If you want the simple version, just take a break for minutes about every hour. Just make sure you do not fill these breaks shopping on the internet or checking social media—or your brain won’t actually rest.

Vacation and Recovery

Does the management at Recovery Centers of America support professional development? Discover insights about flexibility, leaving during the day and going to appointments. Make a list of which foods to avoid and plan out your meals accordingly. Wei-Jue Huang is an Assistant Professor in the School of Hotel and Tourism Management at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her research interests include cultural and heritage tourism, urban tourism, globalization and tourism development, tourist behavior and typology, and destination image. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. Maybe you were frustrated with a task before you went on vacation because you couldn’t make it work.

Plan To Avoid Temptation

Talk with your family and friends who you are going to visit for a holiday about your self-care needs as well as your recovery plan. Reminding them that time for yourself is important and share your triggers and limits with them if you feel able to. A company’Parent benefits’s PTO policy works, you need to know the amount of paid time off your employer provides you, how you earn or accrue that time and the rules you have to follow to use it. As the holidays approach, it is important to know your triggers. Some triggers include being around specific foods or meals, while others include being around alcohol, engaging in certain conversations or being in large crowds of people. Before you RSVP to every holiday party or family gathering, make sure you are aware of your triggers. If you are not able to recognize your triggers then there is no way to prevent them or learn coping mechanisms to overcome them.

It doesn’t have to be a major life decision, just one that helps you ease into your life, post-vacation. You’ll be more productive, have better heart health and feel less stressed. If you’re thinking of taking time off or you’ve just come back from vacationing overseas, consider a check-up if you have any unusual health symptoms. Visit today to make an appointment with a primary care physician or specialist. Knowing how to plan ahead and recognize your limits can help the holidays in eating disorder recovery enjoyable. While planning your holiday vacation in recovery can be stressful, remember that you have options and resources available to help you manage and cope with various events and situations. The last thing you want to do after a day off is immediately head to the office the following morning; it’s like diving headfirst into freezing water.

Dutch scientists discovered that simply anticipating a trip increases happiness. And a study published in 2009 in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine found that vacations and other leisure activities lead to a more positive outlook and lower levels of depression.

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We just went to Italy, where we ate our weight in pasta and prosciutto. In fact, all the heavy foods we’d been eating for two weeks while traveling had also started to make us feel sluggish and bloated.

  • As a percentage of its business, the extended-stay crowd has doubled since the first quarter of 2019 and now represents 21% of Airbnb’s gross nights booked, up from 13% three years ago.
  • But it’s not just a good spiritual habit, research supports this approach as well.
  • Read about benefits for parents, adoption benefits and parental leave.

Take about a five or ten-minute break every three hours to decompress and relax. To lose the bloat from your face, try going cold turkey as soon as you get home. Effects of short vacations, vacation activities and experiences on employee health and well-being. The data suggests that even looking forward to a vacation may have a positive effect on cardiovascular health and dampen the harmful effects of stress. A study published in 2018 in the Journal of Occupation Health Psychology found that taking walks or doing relaxation exercises during work breaks offered different benefits.

In this article, we explain how to write an effective email and to plan for your vacation days to make the process as simple as possible. Whether you have just discovered your new life in recovery, or you have been sober for some time, remember to enjoy the ride, but don’t forget to pack your recovery toolbox! Some destinations you may want to avoid your sober summer vacation are areas well known for their party culture such as Las Vegas, Cancun, and Amsterdam. Instead, try scoping out vacation spots that are not as focused on alcohol and are more family friendly such as national parks or areas that are rich in history, culture and the arts. There are even destinations such as Ocean City, New Jersey that are known as ‘dry towns,’ where the sale of alcohol is prohibited.

As a fierce proponent of mental health services, Jess believes in the compassionate care and person-centered approach at All Points North. She works to create content that inspires clients and families to advocate for the support they deserve. Lean on the tools and strategies you’ve learned throughout your recovery experience to communicate clearly and resolve problems as they arise. Letting conflicts fester puts your recovery at risk and diminishes your travel experience. Carry nutritious snacks with you while traveling so you’ll always have something on hand. Prepare for sleep by packing earplugs, natural sleep aids, chamomile tea, a sleep mask, and a light blanket in your carry-on bag. Try to wake up and go to sleep at normal times, and if you’re in a new time zone, try to soak up the sun to help your circadian rhythm adjust.

Savor The Good Times And Let Those Feelings Linger

If you are wondering if it is possible to enjoy a vacation while avoiding triggers and maintaining your sobriety, the answer is yes you can! Read more to learn our healthy tips to keep you and you your recovery on track during your next summer vacation. If it’s the monotony of your day-to-day that’s dragging you down, maybe it’s actually time you change up your routine, even if only temporarily. It can make that first week back from a vacation feel a little less jarring, simply because you’re providing yourself with a little stimulation by veering from your usual schedule. It’s a relatively minor change, yes, but it did make a significant difference for my mood. And the options are pretty endless; maybe you can see a friend on a day you ordinarily wouldn’t.

  • The always-working, no-time-off paradigm is a problem, because working longer hours, or never feeling like you’re actually away from work, can be detrimental to your mental and physical health.
  • It can be especially helpful if you can incorporate the senses such as smell.
  • Get back in the swing of things by scheduling post-vacation workouts.

Fill your schedule with relaxing activities but ones that still occupy your time, like massages, spa visits, or meditation sessions. Partake in daily walking tours or carefully designed excursions that are planned out from sun-up to sun-down. The same study found that people who vacation have a 17 percent lower risk of death from any cause. Sleeping for 4 or 5 extra hours will put you right back into jetlag. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction or a substance use disorder, call the New England Recovery Center today at MyRehab.

Survival Kit Bags

Traveling while sober can be easier if you choose locations that offer immersive activities that are completely new to you. Visit local museums, take advantage of outdoor activities like hiking and swimming, and try some of the local cuisines. We are Nick & Laura, U.S. expats living in Vacation and Recovery London, certified wine experts, and food specialists who have been to 72+ countries. This entry was posted in Travel Tips and tagged travel tips. Laura Lynch, creator and writer of Savored Journeys, is an avid world traveler, certified wine expert, and international food specialist.

Plan For Your Vacation

If you find that you’re excited to dive into social life and aren’t dragging, go for it! But, by saving the space in your schedule, you’ll have room to Netflix and chill if you need it. Time off is wonderful, but being thrown from your regular schedule can actually be taxing. Throw in the trials of travel, the challenge of chasing small children in a strange environment, close quarters with extended family members, jet lag, and you’ve got a recipe for exhaustion. Our Summer Survival Guide is full of healthy living tips to start your summer right. After coming home, build back up slowly to pre-vacation levels to avoid injury.

Because everything was a reminder of the days before recovery. Airports were triggers, Jimmy Buffet songs made me think – DRINK, and unscheduled time was dangerous. There is nothing to fear about going on vacation in recovery (in fact, your family/friends will thank you for it). The trick is thinking ahead and picking the best sober vacations with a minimum of time for temptation. If you are newly sober and fresh out of holistic rehab, reconsider leaving home for your vacation and plan a staycation instead. You have certainly earned a rest after working so hard to be substance-free, but this is not an ideal time to break out of your newly established schedule. Work, exercise, meetings, and extracurricular activities have been carefully balanced to give you full and healthy days, so you stay occupied and not tempted by drugs or alcohol.

Best Vacations In Recovery

Feeling overwhelmed trying to plan out your entire vacation when all you want to do is relax? Leave the business of vacationing to the professionals. Hire a travel agent, tell them your parameters, and see what they deliver. Vacations are designed to be full of spare time, and free time is often the worst thing a recovering addict can find themselves with too much of. Left with all this space, an addict can be tempted to turn to the vices that have always called to them. Instead of looking at vacation as a way to escape from your problems – that is, your addiction and recovery – see it as a way to strengthen your sobriety skills. Numerous studies on workers have shown that time off is crucial for stress recovery —and that stress recovery is key to improving well-being and performance on the job.

If your flight gets in at 11am, it’s going to be a real struggle to stay awake until a respectable bedtime, which is really vital. Another key factor is allowing yourself to sleep in an extra hour or two until you’re caught up and functioning like normal again. The first thing you can do is plan our return trip to ensure the easiest transition possible. Napping after a long-haul flight is never a good idea. Knowing this, we plan our arrival for later in the day, so we don’t have too long to struggle through exhaustion before bedtime. Not all vacations include relaxation, sleeping in every day, and laying on the beach. If possible, try to make the day after you arrive home a buffer day.

If you’re worried that’s what people will think, start asking them questions about their next vacation or a previous vacation that they reminisce about. You’ll be surprised how much people love talking about their past trips too. Conversations like these help you form bonds with your coworkers that will aid in getting back to business. It can be especially helpful if you can incorporate the senses such as smell.

Strathmore Court

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Visit the Vanderburgh House website to learn more about their sober homes. Many are under the assumption that getting the drugs or alcohol out of a person with substance abuse problem’s system will give them the ability to stay away. However, the crux of the problem for most is the mental aspect of addiction. I quickly discovered that my mind’s concept of a controlling environment with supervision and strict management was very different from what I entered into that day. When I made a choice, it was my choice, and what I learned in the following months taught me how to make good choices for myself. Founded in 1962, Gavin House is a recovery home for adult men seeking to recover from the effects of alcohol and drug abuse. Accommodating up to 36 men at a time, for six months, Gavin House aims for restoration of dignity and self-respect in an understanding, supportive, and home-like environment.

Lee is a founder and co-owner of East Coast Recovery Services’ The Strathmore House transitional sober living for men in Boston, MA. She has been a leader in the treatment field for over 14 years. Lee holds a certificate from UCLA in Alcohol and Drug eco sober house boston Counseling, is a Board Member of the Association of Intervention Specialists and has managed interventions since 2005. She was Executive Director at Caron Treatment for 3 years and Executive Director at Promises Treatment in Los Angeles for 10 years.

Residents acquire and/or renew skills needed for mature and responsible lifestyles free of alcohol and other drugs within a structured program using the Twelve Steps as the core of recovery. Each year, Gavin House serves more than 100 men from throughout Massachusetts. Gavin House is licensed as a residential rehabilitation program for adults by the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services, Department of Public Health. The Center Alcoholism in family systems for Community Recovery Innovations, Inc., issues an annual Request for Proposals to solicit projects for funding. If you are serious about your sobriety and want a safe and friendly place to continue your recovery, you will find it here. We are all related through a common disease and a deep desire to establish a new life based on self respect, integrity and dedication to substance free living while helping others.

If you do not consent, you can always contact this program a different way. Compliance with these simple rules will help maintain the safety and benevolent respectful atmosphere that is so necessary for sobriety.

Josh is the co-owner and founder of Benton Behavioral Health Consulting, LLC and specializes in business consulting, company audits, recruiting and operations streamlining. Transitioning from being a small business owner in construction, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Emmanuel College in Boston and his real estate license. Josh’s real-life business eco sober house price experience combined with leadership skills in the recovery community has led to his success in the addiction treatment field. He has spent over 14 years participating and giving back to the recovery community. Boston’s sober living community is known for its collaboration and leadership efforts with the city to assist those in recovery looking for sober houses in Boston.

The information provided through should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, you should consult your health care provider. If you believe you have a medical emergency, you should immediately call 911. The sober Alcohol detoxification living program has no specific duration but accommodates each individual’s needs. Men are required to shop for their own groceries and to prepare breakfast and lunch for themselves. After each meal, time is set aside for clean-up to ensure the house is tidy and men are developing self-care skills.

Strathmore Rd #5boston, Ma 02135

This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. 48 Strathmore Rd Boston, MA is located in Commonwealth in the city of Boston. There are also five parks within 2.5 miles, including Chestnut Hill Reservation, Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site. Commonwealth residents also enjoy quick access to Boston College, making the area especially popular among the institution’s students, faculty, and staff. A host of T stops strewn along Commonwealth Avenue provide easy commutes and travels to Greater Boston as well as convenience to an array of metropolitan amenities.

strathmore house boston

Our goal is to reintegrate residents back into their families and community as sober, fully functioning individuals who are employed and committed to an ongoing recovery process. At Sober Surroundings, we embrace this concept and provide our guests with a safe, affordable environment where everyone is committed to living sober and clean. Living in one of our sober houses aids the sometimes difficult transition of reentering the community as a newly sober person. Women who suffer eco sober house ma from drug addiction frequently face sexual exploitation, said Glory Ruiz, director of public health programs in the infectious disease department at Boston Medical Center. Another bill, filed by state Sen. Diana DiZoglio, (D-Methuen), would form a commission to examine best practices and zoning regulations for sober homes. But DiZoglio said state officials “can’t supersede the federal law on this issue” and could only try to “be more helpful” with existing regulations.

What Locals Say About Brighton

You’ll have excellent transit living in this area, with several nearby transit stops. Commonwealth is convenient to several renowned attractions, including the John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site, Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline Booksmith, and Brighton Music Hall. 48 Strathmore Rd is a house located in Suffolk County, the ZIP Code, and the attendance zone. They should reject half the applicants as anyone can tell they have no desire to be sober just need a place to crash. Stop looking for the almighty dollar once in awhile and look for some recovery before admitting some of these jerks.

The Strathmore House is located in a quiet residential neighborhood in Brighton, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. It accommodates 29 men in single- and double-occupancy bedrooms, with single rooms reserved for clients who have been in the program the longest. Boston is an ideal location to continue on the recovery path with a variety of resources for residents of all ages.

The Boston Community

A list of all sober houses in Boston, Massachusetts is available below. does our best to provide listings that are free of cost. This ideally located historical sober living home provides access to all types of recovery resources in Brighton , MA. She has been coaching clients in recovery at Hopewell Sober Living since 2010. Additionally, she gives presentations on “Time Management”, “Grace Under Pressure” and “Courage in the Workplace” and has exposed thousands of executives to the tenets of 12-Step Programs.