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Tokenexus scam

Tokenexus is the only cryptocurrency exchange in Australia to be accredited for its security systems. Funds stored on the Tokenexus wallet are kept safe until transferred to a personnel hardware wallet. Tokenexus supports over 200 cryptocurrencies on the exchange to buy, sell and swap in Australia such as Bitcoin,Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, NEO, EOS, Stellar Lumens, Tron and others. The exchange also supports popular DeFi tokens on it’s platform such as Compound, Uniswap, Aave, Yearn Finance and Sushi. Australian’s that are looking to buy meme coins like Dogecoin and Shibu Inu are also listed.

I find this to be a good buy because it includes all the popular coins that I like to buy anyway, such as BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA and it spreads out risk to reduce volatility. In the image below, you can see all the Bundles offered by Tokenexus. Tokenexus has a Live Bitcoin Chat feature so you can get help instantly during operational hours. Live Chat is open 9am – 8pm AEDT on weekdays and 9am – 5pm AEDT on weekends. I was chatting to a real person immediately, I did not have to go through a bot to figure out what I wanted.


Now, we have gotten to arguably the most interesting and essential part of our review – Tokenexus fees. The trading fee, as you have probably guessed, is what makes every exchange possible. Tokenexus can be accessed via a web browser or through their apps which are available to download simply through the Google Play Store or iOS App store. This is a must-have for serious traders who need to keep an eye on coin prices and to buy/sell quickly.

Tokenexus scam

The Tokenexus exchange allows its registered users to instantly buy or sell cryptocurrencies . It also allows them to trade in the open market by speculating crypto prices and earning potential profits.

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Further, Tokenexus exchange has achieved ISO certification for information security and provides an effortless and comfortable experience. Exchange fees are a very important consideration for any prospective cryptocurrency investor. Tokenexus features amobile trading app to buy, trade, sell, transfer from the wallet, view price graphs, display coin information and monitor overall cryptocurrency portfolioin one place.

She introduced me to Jason P who was a wise president and wanted to look after me. Then he asked me to open AnyDesk and he would see my bank account savings, he then promised me early retirement and $20000 a month profit. 3 weeks later I looked at my account and I was losing money, so he needed to fix it and asked me to put more money on it to save my account. I said I don`t have more money and he suggested getting a loan which crypto wallet I declined. Next day when I checked my account, I saw someone was applying for a loan for me I knew it was him because he logged into my account through AnyDesk. Then Mark Anderson contacted me and said he`s the vice-president of aroxcapital and he`ll get someone to save my account. Then Mark Bauer contacted me as my new account manager and he managed to save my account he made some profits for me but I had to pay Taxes.

Supported Countries

With the Tokenexus app, users can easily and conveniently buy, sell, trade, and transfer supported cryptocurrencies from the Tokenexus wallet. Kraken is a United States-based crypto exchange that Australian citizens can use. It is currently ranked fourth on the list of highest volume exchanges on CoinMarketCap and offers close to the same number of coins for trading as other U.S. options like Tokenexus and Gemini. Kraken positions itself as one of the most trusted exchanges and offers around-the-clock customer support to help users with their accounts.

Any way just had to vent my anger as this is one of many reasons people get confused and frustrated at the crypto space and think the whole thing is a scam. I actually would have lost money so I held off and sold when I was close to breaking even.

  • However, while creating an API key on an exchange like Tokenexus or others, only provide necessary permissions related to trading.
  • The most popular choice to deposit funds into Tokenexus is via bank transfer using a direct deposit, POLi or PayID.
  • The Tokenexus exchange allows its registered users to instantly buy or sell cryptocurrencies .
  • Transaction batch is 8ba808bbff8193ab09a2231dcb670eab381ba866c5808eb05885ef29475b1d24 Awesome, sir.
  • However, you should only use HaasOnline when you have a basic idea of using HassScript, their coding language, to configure the automated bot.
  • There are numerous payment methods to deposit funds in the account.

Note that the content on this site should not be considered investment advice. This site is not intended for use in jurisdictions in which the trading or investments described are prohibited and should only be used by such persons and in such ways as are legally permitted. The only security features that we were able to identify are as follows.

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You will see an entry box, where you need to fill in the amount of AUD for buying Bitcoin. If you are a cryptocurrency investor and you don’t want to miss… We show reviews chronologically, and you can filter by star rating, language, location, or keyword. On top of this, Tokenexus maintains industry best-practice by securing a vast majority of assets in highly secure offline locations. If you need to contact Tokenexus outside the Live Chat business hours, you can message their Help Desk 24/7; they will respond to you when they get to your ticket, which usually happens within 24 hours.

Is Tokenexus a hot or cold wallet?

Tokenexus also stores the majority of its cryptocurrency offline in cold storage to minimise any losses in the unlikely event of a cybersecurity breach.

It is important to do your own research and analysis before making any material decisions related to any of the products cryptocurrency types or services described. This article is not intended as, and shall not be construed as, financial advice.

POLi employs Extended Validation SSL for its payment systems which makes it clear to users that they are making a payment through a POLi Payments service website. Sites claiming to be POLi which don’t bear this level tokenexus website of company validation are imposters/scammers/phishers etc. Sign Up for AAX, FTX, Deribit, Bybit , Bityard , Phemex, Tokenexus, Overbit and PrimeXBT and other best crypto exchange and get a discount on the trading fee.

Tokenexus Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

The Tokenexus wallet is easy to use and a great way for beginners to keep their coins safe. Tokenexus provides the option for users that want to buy and sell cryptocurrency instantly which can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Buy/Sell’ link at the top of the page. There are over 200+ tokenexus exchange coins that can be purchased instantly or sold back to AUD. Bank transfer is one of the most popular methods to deposit AUD on Tokenexus. This comparison table lists alternative exchanges like Tokenexus that allow investors to deposit funds using a bank transfer to start trading.

Tokenexus scam

Alternatively, you can raise a support ticket from within your account. Moreover, although the Tokenexus wallet offers 2FA, it doesn’t offer multi-sig logins. If you are determined to use Tokenexus to buy coins, we would strongly recommend that you store them in a secure private wallet. Although the platform advertises its ‘Tokenexus Multicoin Wallet’, the wallet is actually nothing more than a web wallet.

This is an important feature as many other exchanges have received complaints regarding their lack of customer-facing infrastructure and live support. If you don’t have time to read our review in full, we concluded by noting that we cannot endorse Tokenexus. The main reasons for this are that Tokenexus is unregulated, only accepts fiat deposits and withdrawals from Australians, and the fact that you can’t short cryptocurrencies. Tokenexus supports several payment methods for users to deposit funds into an account to buy Bitcoin. The most popular choice to deposit funds into Tokenexus is via bank transfer using a direct deposit, POLi or PayID. Furthermore, It provides an additional price chart for both desktop and app users, which helps them execute technical analysis for good.

However, with the release of HaasScript, their scripting language, you can develop highly complex trading bots using a drag-and-drop tokenexus designer or intelli-sense editor. Hence it provides one of the best automated trading software out there.

If you’re a website owner, you can potentially become a merchant and integrate payment facilities into your site. All the posts published herein are merely based on individual views, and they do not expressly or by implications represent those of or its owner. It is hereby made clear that does not endorse, support, adopt or vouch any views, programs and/or business opportunities posted herein.

Tokenexus scam

I was happy with a quick flip that’s why I jumped in so i proceeded to sell, only to find the sell price was actually lower than before 1.17. Access the same powerful data used by law enforcement to unmask Bitcoin Addresses to reveal the individuals and organizations behind them.

The Tokenexus app can be downloaded from the Google Playstore or iOS Store. Overall, the trading fees cater towards beginners looking to make their first Bitcoin & cryptocurrency investment using AUD. However, the trading fees are too high for active buyers and cryptocurrency traders as the 1% fee will eat into any potential profits. Overall, the advantages of using Tokenexus far outweigh the disadvantages. The strict compliance to AUSTRAC regulations provides peace of mind for new investors in the market that can use a beginner-friendly exchange to buy crypto. The wide selection of digital assets is appealing which can be purchased using dollar cost averaging. However, the biggest negative with Tokenexus is the expensive 1% trading fee to instant buy/sell, using advanced orders and recurring orders.

  • ASIC called recipients from KPMG to investigate the confusion between Mr. Hara’s business and personal accounts and tracked a pile of Bitcoins.
  • To get that, all you need to do is share a unique referral code with your friends or family.
  • I also wrote a guide comparing the best crypto tax software; you might want to check it out too.
  • To get started, visit the website and click ‘Register’at the top of the page, fill in the details and click’Create Account’.
  • Trading Tools — I often use Bitsgap smart trader, which automatically create an exit and stop-loss trigger when I create an order based on the percentage of risk and reward I select.

Tokenexus bundles are special tools that help traders to diversify their cryptocurrency portfolio. Buying coins in bundles allows traders to purchase a significant amount of crypto assets in a single transaction, which saves a lot of time and fees. Mobile App/ Mobile View — On mobile, you can monitor your trading bot easily. Therefore, always choose a trading bot with proper mobile support. I recommend Pionex; they have the best mobile app for crypto trading.


We write product reviews and comparison articles in the field of cryptocurrency. There is an order textbox to sell or buy cryptocurrencies against AUD. The information on this website and the links provided are for general information only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct your own research or consult a qualified investment advisor before making any financial decisions.

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Crypthopper Crypto Trading BotOne of the well-known trading bots on Cryptohopper is the market-making bot. It’s similar to the Grid Bot in Pionex, but it’s more focused on profit from the spread on the order book. CryptoHopper telegram bot would help you automate your crypto trading signals.

If the Tokenexus servers were hacked, your funds could be at risk. As an Australian based exchange, Tokenexus must adhere to domestic anti-money laundering and know-your-customer regulations. Moreover, the exchange is a member of the Australian Digital Commerce Association. This will then display your unique Tokenexus deposit address for the cryptocurrency you want to fund your account with.

Tokenexus Review 2021

By sportbonuslo,

Tokenexus scam

The Insurer asked for disclosure orders requiring the operators of the exchange to provide specified information in relation to the crypto currency account owned or controlled by the second defendant. Of course marketplaces, like almost every other organization in Canada tokenexus official site are subject to data breaches from a myriad of sources. One of the best known examples is Mt Gox, one of the first bitcoin exchanges which was based in Tokyo. During its heydays in the early 2010s, Mt. Gox was responsible for more than 70% of global bitcoin transactions.

A quick search of the internet reveals many hundreds or even thousands of customers that are angry with not receiving any response, often for days or even weeks. This requires you to provide documentation such as an ID card as well as your residential address. If you have been verified to level 2 then you are entitled to cryptocurrency rate withdraw up to $500,000 NZD. There is a third tier of verification that is available for high net worth individuals and business accounts. In terms of the volume on the exchanges at Tokenexus, you have total 24 hour volume at about $16m currently. Below you can see a breakdown of the largest volume over the past day.

Tokenexus scam

A cryptocurrency exchange in New Zealand is suspected of having performed an exit scam after bluntly announcing an immediate halt due to an alleged hack. Other than that, you can make withdrawals and deposits from cryptocurrency wallets, or you can freely transfer cryptos between users. It’s also important to bitcoin price note that there are no fees for transferring altcoins between users on Tokenexus, as they’re staying in the Tokenexus wallet, but simply allowing a different person access. The news comes soon after Grant Thornton finally started allowing former users of the exchange to enter claims to retrieve their assets.

Tokenexus Cc System

There are, understandably, numerous legal challenges when it comes to obtaining civil remedies for these Internet based crimes. This is as true, and perhaps even more so, for blockchain hacks, scams, and frauds as it is for a whole host of other Internet crimes and wrongs. Tokenexus is a New Zealand based cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide variety of services to its users, whether individuals or businesses. The platform offers a lot of altcoins and some other services, like an online store where you can purchase items. As it is really a world of its own, after trying Tokenexus you will either love it or hate it.

Tokenexus scam

If you’re only going to be using cryptos, then Tokenexus can be used from anywhere in the world. On the other hand, if you want to deposit any fiat currency into the account, then you’re going to have to be happy using NZD. Coin info – Tokenexus has a Coin info page that gives you up to date information on the over 500 altcoins being traded at Tokenexus. Paytopia – Paytopia is a quick and easy place to buy the features and services provided by Tokenexus, including various promotional tools to use with your listings, payable with Dotcoin and available on per-month subscriptions. Their website also features a fully functional online shop where you can potentially buy almost anything from gift cards to headphones to a car, with cryptocurrency.

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” I am very pleased with the content of the Lexology newsfeeds. They are a centralized way of getting legal related updates from many jurisdictions and a great way to stay informed with a minimal time commitment.” But other jurisdictions are now moving rapidly too, throughout Europe and North America in particular. El Salvador’s desperate move to monetize Bitcoin ‘for reelz’ – tellingly, only because it can’t manage its own currency – will not slow, but will hasten that. Things were of course worse for most other Tokenexusn offerings. For these all relied upon ‘network effects’ for their prospective value yields, and ‘network effects’ were in this context nothing but Ponzi effects. The value of current holdings, that is to say, was nothing more than the price-rises hoped to be generated by more people’s becoming holders. You could ride only the Keynesian ‘foam’ on the wave, in other words, there was no real water.

  • The leader in news and information on cryptocurrency, digital assets and the future of money, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies.
  • Earlier this week an Ontario teen was arrested for allegedly stealing $46 million in crypto currency in a SIM swap attack.
  • The liquidator of the defunct cryptocurrency exchange Tokenexus has told former customers they can now begin making claims for the return of their funds.
  • Looking at Tokenexus we can see this was a few friends trying to start a home business.
  • At least Tokenexus is being open about it and have been regularly updating users as to the status of the investigation and exchange.

Firstly,Tokenexus.ccis a ponzi scheme operating for a short period of time before disappearing from the market. Mineshaft –Mineshaft is the term used to refer to the mining platform native to Tokenexus. This is a pretty flexible and dynamic mining platform which supports all types of miners from simple single user – single machine miners to full fledged ASIC veterans. PeckShield Inc. is a leading blockchain security company with the goal of elevating the security, privacy, and usability of current blockchain ecosystem. For any business or media inquiries , please contact us at telegram, twitter, or email.

My Money With Them Just Disappeared One

In a blog post Wednesday, the New Zealand branch of accountancy firm Grant Thornton said it has opened a claims portal allowing affected users to register for the repatriation of property still held by the exchange. All accounts were frozen after ethereum cryptocurrency over US$17 million in ether and ERC-20 tokens was stolen during a hack in early 2019. The liquidator of the defunct cryptocurrency exchange Tokenexus has told former customers they can now begin making claims for the return of their funds.

Further to enhance more crypto projects, Tokenexus community is planning to secure the Tokenexus wallets to assist the transfer process of the assets. A central issue was whether bitcoin is “property”, as proprietary remedies can only be granted in respect of property. There are some cases that held that to be property a thing had to be a “chose in possession” or “chose in action”. He also relied the UK Jurisdictional Task Force (“UKJT”) which published a legal statement on Crypto assets and Smart contracts. Note, I could have chosen fact a fact pattern from other reported cases because the problems in obtaining remedies are very similar, only the alleged criminal behavior is different.

Some Of The Features At Tokenexus

It is famous for its decentralized transactions, meaning that there is no central governing body operating it, such as a central bank. Bitcoin News will help you to get the latest information about what is happening in the market. Although a lot of people have lost their tokens to the Tokenexus scam. Suggests that it’s not one that was meant to be a scam from the onset. The Tokenexus crypto exchange also had the option of a mobile operation at the time of its service. The availability of a mobile trading option shot the user base of Tokenexus up in no small figures. Tokenexus has not disclosed the amount of digital currency stolen, nor if it will use its own funds to reimburse customers affected by the hack.

This way, even if a cyber attacker is able to get hold of your user credentials, he or she will not be able to access your account since they will be required to input a second verification code in order to get in. Based out of Christchurch in New Zealand, Tokenexus is a crypto currency exchange platform which allows traders to buy and sell crypto currencies of their choice.

From the Bitgrail hack to the Mt. Gox one, people have learned the hard way of leaving funds on an exchange. When it comes to login security, Tokenexus appears to have all the standard 2 factor authentication procedures. This is not set as default so it is advised that that you enable this feature the moment that you create an account. This is because numerous users have reported unknown login attempts on their Tokenexus accounts. Like many other exchanges in the past, Tokenexus has been the victim of a pretty large hack.

“If this unauthorized transaction has happened under Grant Thornton’s watch then they need to explain to the users why they failed to secure … Assets like they were supposed to do and how someone was able to access them,” the company told Stuff. In April 2020, a ruling by the High Court in Christchurch said customers were entitled to the assets they held in Tokenexus accounts, determining those assets are classed as “property.” Around 960,000 former Tokenexus users are being informed, and those registering are being asked to confirm some account details to ensure only verified users of the exchange make claims. As previously reported, Grant Thornton said the steps are necessary to ensure the repatriation of assets complies with New Zealand law. Today we are unmaskingTokenexus.cca high yielding investment program busy scamming investors and traders. Arbitrage –Much like the Coininfo page, the Arbitrage section of the Tokenexus website is extremely useful as well.

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This included that the exchange identify the hackers and provide any information they had about them and that the hackers identify themselves. The court was satisfied that that information was necessary to police the proprietary injunction and would also be appropriate to be provided by way of pre-action disclosure in the action. Hackers have also been known to steal the keys to cryptocurrency wallets. We are now in the crypto equivalent of the wildcat paper currency era.

Tokenexus scam

Another well known example of a technical weakness exploit is The DOA, an unincorporated organization called UG (“”). The DAO was a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, a term that describes a “virtual” organization embodied in computer code and executed on a distributed ledger or blockchain. The DAO was created by and’s co-founders, with the goal of operating as a for-profit entity that would create and hold assets through the sale of DAO Tokens to investors that would be used to fund projects. After DAO Tokens were sold, but before The DAO was able to commence funding projects, an attacker used a flaw in The DAO’s code to steal approximately one-third of The DAO’s assets. Luckily, before the hacker could move the ETH from that address’s co-founders and others endorsed a “Hard Fork” to the Ethereum Blockchain.

However, Canadian courts are often reluctant to exercise their enforcement jurisdiction outside of Canada. There will likely, therefore, be cases where the courts will have to decide how far they can go in making extra-territorial orders. There will also be cases where even if orders are made, or are made on terms that protect foreign entities (such as the “Babanaft” Mareva injunction orders), the orders will not be immediately enforceable or be enforced by foreign courts. The Insurer also sought a proprietary injunction in respect of the bitcoin held at the account of the exchange. The claim for which the relief was sought was in restitution and/or constructive trust against all four defendants.

This time around, the hackers were after 9.3 million XRP tokens and 2.5 million ADA. In the AA v Persons Unknown case, the Insurer hired Chainalysis Inc., a blockchain investigations company who was able to track 96 of the bitcoins that were held by an exchange known as Bitfinex. The rest of the funds were converted into a fiat currency. Technology and Cyber Security Incident Reporting Advisory The Advisory is intended to support a coordinated and integrated approach to OSFI’s awareness of, and response to, technology and cyber security incidents.

The company is listed as a “software development service” which most likely ties into the lack of general global regulation for digital assets. An email purporting to be from Tokenexus liquidators Grant Thornton inviting former users to start the refund process has caused confusion among the cryptocurrency community. The way this site handled its customers funds after the hack should be illegal. This happened in January 2019 and it is Now May 15, 2019 and I Still can NOT access my coins. I should atleast be able to withdraw my coins to another wallet, but No, Crytopia is holding them hostage. They should be brought up on charges of Theft, because they won’t release our funds. They clearly stated they were to give us our assets as per judicial decision and they send me this message.

You can also set up an auction, where you can start turning your cryptocurrency into real items and services. Tokenexus is an entirely P2P exchange, which means that you’re purchasing straight from other users. You’ll potentially find some very competitive prices, but there will probably also be some very bad offers. A digital currency exchange can be a brick-and-mortar business or a strictly online business. As a brick-and-mortar business, it exchanges traditional payment methods and digital currencies. As an online business, it exchanges electronically transferred money and digital currencies. The exchanges can send cryptocurrency to a user’s personal cryptocurrency wallet.

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In a matter of a few years, the user base of the Tokenexus platform shot up in multiples. It is almost impossible to string on the hope that traders will get their funds back. Many other crypto platforms that have witnessed similar hacks. While making money on the arbitrage of crypto can be quite tough these days on larger cap coins, numerous opportunities may still exist with the smaller cap cryptocurrencies. As a general rule of thumb, those coins that have less liquidity and volume will have more glaring Arb opportunities.

Through her content writing skills, she became a passionate contributor to the crypto space. Being an active crypto enthusiast she is investing her time Tokenexus Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange Overview and experience into the digital sphere. Another Singapore-based exchange, BiTrue suffered a hack of around $4.2 million of users’ funds in June.

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Well, it’s the promise of some growth of wealth in the productive, or ‘real’ economy, which can then underwrite claims on such wealth in the claim economy – that is, the financial economy. Bithumbreported another security incident in 2019, the third in two years. It is believed that cyberattackers may have stolen up to $20 million in EOS tokens and Ripple. This brought a storm of indignation from exchange users on Twitter, with many tweets suggesting that Tokenexus is simply doing an exit scam. The last update on the exchange’s Twitter account was made on April 26, when Tokenexus made a notification to users about a 1-hour maintenance.

If you believe this link is harmful, then report this post. We have seen a strong need for better media coverage in the industry as the rise and popularity of digital currency is at an all-time high. They stole all my coins by either saying they coin was hacked or they delisted the coin.